Project Management

Manage Projects.
And People.
And Budget.

In time.


Analyze the scope,dimensions and constraints of the project.
involve stakeholders. All. 


Plan the execution. Divide and conquer. Small but realistic steps. Go fast alone. Go far in a team. Decide now.


Observe and Manage the execution. Adjust. Support. Handover Points are Key.


Ensure together that KPIs are fulfilled. Handover. Knowledge-transfer.



Mainframe Retirement

The migration project from IBM Mainframe to X64 was a multifaceted initiative that required the expertise of up to 28 specialists, comprising both external specialists and client staff. The team was tasked with unwiring the COBOL applications and DB2/z database structures from the legacy mainframe system, a meticulous process that involved analyzing, extracting, and reconfiguring the existing code and data structures. In addition, the team worked on creating a new development pipeline to streamline the transition process and ensure the seamless integration of the applications into the new X64 environment.

One of the key activities for the team was designing the target architecture for the migration, which involved collaborating with microfocus COBOL enterprise server experts, Oracle specialists, and DB2/z database architects. By leveraging the diverse skill sets of the team members, a robust and scalable architecture was developed to support the migration and meet the organization's future needs. The meticulous planning and design phase laid the foundation for a successful migration that would enable the organization to leverage the capabilities of the X64 platform effectively.

While the migration itself was executed by the customer, the team of specialists provided crucial support and guidance throughout the process. By working closely with the external workforce, the team ensured that the migration was carried out smoothly and efficiently, minimizing disruptions and ensuring the integrity of the data and applications. The collaborative effort between the specialists and the customer's team was instrumental in the successful completion of the migration project, marking a significant milestone in the organization's IT modernization journey.

FTTH Network

Our team undertook a project to establish a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) network in Germany, specifically in the region of Hesse. The project involved conducting surveys, meticulous planning, procurement of necessary materials, budget planning, and overseeing the execution of labor work to bring the network to life. With a dedicated single project manager at the helm, the project was successfully delivered on time.

Today, the FTTH network in Germany/Hesse stands as a testament to our team's commitment to providing high-quality infrastructure solutions. The network is fully operational, offering residents access to high-speed internet services. The successful completion of this project highlights the importance of effective project management and coordination in delivering essential services to the community.